Due to the ongoing pandemic, we encourage our clients to follow the SOP’s accordingly and make sure of a friendly environment for our suppliers and planners. We aim to keep our suppliers in business and also to keep their clients intact with the industry. But due to COVID-19, most of them are nervous because they are confused about the catering facilities, and they are not willing to carry out their events internally.

Some Suggestions We Want to Share:

If you want to have a COVID-safe event, appoint a trained catering company. Assign some of the staff for the gloves distributing and sanitising portal. It will ensure that the catering staff is adequately sanitised and food is also safe to have.

Also, we need to say goodbye to buffets, for a COVID-safe event and catering, try to opt for pre-packaged items encouraging grab and go.

Another option for safe catering is to give individual servings, like serving out plates and boxes of food. The event planners should get creative to plan a theme colour for gloves and masks according to their uniforms. It will make the guests feel comfortable, and the event teams will not appear overly sanitised.

Seated dinners can also be offered as Cabaret-type setups.

Some challenges will also appear as we cannot expect the guests to be wearing masks while eating so to overcome this challenge, a setup/ table for two people is the best option to go for with at least the minimum required distance between the tables.